Comic-cons and 3 best online stores to get cosplay costumes

Every year in venues all over the world, enthusiasts congregate in convention centres to celebrate their best-loved comic book characters, anime and manga, sci-fi and superhero franchises, videogames, and pop culture of all types. These get-togethers are known as comic-cons, the abridged version of comic (book) conventions.

A paramount component of comic-con is cosplay. Cosplay is when people don costumes of a fictional character from video games, comic books, sci-fi, and other works or fantasy worlds. Cosplay costumes are inclined to be very embellished and detailed.

The word cosplay is a translation of the Japanese “Kosupure”, a term created in the 1980s, and derived from the English phrase “costume play”. It can be a noun or verb, and a person who participates in cosplay is called a cosplayer. A lot of comic-cons present a cosplay contest where awards are handed out for the most impressive costumes.

Designing your costume is a point of pride and fun. It can become a bit overwhelming when you have little time to prepare. It’s in this light that I present to you, in no particular order, the best online stores to get comic-con costumes.

  1. is an online custom tailor-made costume cosplay retailer. They ship worldwide, and delivery time also depends on the shipping method you choose. has measurement guidelines to make sure you get your items in the right size. They also have a match price policy, whereby they promise to match the price of any identical or comparable product available the same day or at any competitor’s store or website. That’s awesome in itself! They also have a “money back” policy to ensure that if there is a problem with your purchase, or you are not 100% satisfied with the cosplay costume, a full refund or exchange is provided. They also retain your pattern in their system so you will be able to reorder the same fit any time in the future. Absolutely cool!


From Japanese anime to popular video game characters, Cosplay Shopper carries them all! With a user-friendly website layout, offers products which are all designed to fit the style and desire of any customer. Men, women, kids, superstars, seasoned cosplayers, newbies, and curious people all want to engage themselves in this wonderful trend. Payment is safe, secure, and has the best security checkouts through Nexcess, PayPal, and Starfield SSL Certificate. Cosplay shopper also delivers worldwide. Awesome!


Rolecosplay was set up by a group of spirited youngsters, who mostly love anime and cosplay culture. To satisfy their customers’ various needs, they gradually expanded their scale from a group of 6 people to over 100 professional staff. Wow!

“Fast shipping and quality guarantee.” That’s the aim and loyalty of Rolecosplay. Rolecosplay draws inspiration from your favorite characters to create costumes and accessories that are on point and trendy. “Whether it is a movie replica costume or a complete anime design, it is our passion to make your dream a reality.” The statement on their website reads.

Some costumes are grandiose and can’t be bought in a store or online. However, these businesses can still help you piece together those great ideas to make it easier for you to not become so overwhelmed with it all. But you know what they say, “no pain, no gain”! So at least try to have fun during your preparations. Happy creating and happy shopping!


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