6 Juicy Date Ideas For Nerds, And Introverts

Imagine a scenario. You go online and type these words into the search engine: “best free dating sites for serious relationships”, “which dating sites are the best” and “dating sites most popular for introvert dating”. Then, you get some useful information, you find a match, and boom; you both agree to meet up and go on a date. After making the initial plan, the big question is: are you ready for this date? Do you have the romantic sauce it requires? Where will we go? If you’re an introvert trying to come up with new ideas, well, worry no further. We’ve got you covered. This article is specially made for you! 

  1. Hangout at a convention

Conventions are full of activities. You both can dress up as your favourite comic book characters, anime and manga, sci-fi and superhero franchises, videogames, and pop culture of all types and have some fun with people of like minds.

2. Organize a board game meeting

A lot of libraries and comic shops have board game libraries without charge, accessible for people to play. Apart from ever-presents like Scrabble, Monopoly, or Dungeons and Dragons, you can also play Pictionary, Parcheesi, or similar other stuff, if you would like to go on a double date with some other of your nerdy friends.

3. Cook together

If you have been hanging out together for a while, and are now comfortable with being with each other in private, this is an excellent idea. A peaceful date night at home isn’t such a bad idea. You could seize the opportunity to make something delectable together. Pizza made at home is better than the ones bought from stores most days. You can even take it up a notch by going online to search for new recipes from your favourite cooking website.

4. Count the stars in the night sky

Look for a peaceful and calm spot, preferably a lover’s hill or park in your city, to cuddle under your blanket and watch the stars. Survey the stars and display your nerd expertise by identifying star constellations and wishing on shooting stars. Extra points if you transform it into a late-night picnic too. If for one reason or the other you can’t leave the city, you could go to a local planetarium to make enquiries and arrange for a perfect time to come and stare at stars next time.

5. Create your own comic or short story together

This can be more fun if you use yourselves as characters for the comic or short story. You can put your heads together and design a fascinating comic or write a short story. It should be fun! It seems that a lot of nerdy or introverted people have a flare for creative writing, painting, building and drawing.

6. Coffee date

Getting together for coffee is an ideal initial date idea for introverts since it doesn’t require elaborate spots and staying out for a lengthy period. It’s also a small way to get out amongst people without feeling claustrophobic. If possible, select a spot that isn’t a big chain and has some local dash! The caffeine is bound to supply you both an endorphin rush that you can both revel in together and stir up some stimulating discussions.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas so you can be the smoothest nerd you know and hopefully your date will think so too. The moral of this is, it’s not just an awkward time to introverts and nerds. It’s an awkward time for anyone! Meeting new people is the way the world moves forward and you want to be in the same flow of traffic. Good luck to you on your new journey!


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